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Formerly the Roman settlement Villaria (7th century) St Paul became, during a very strong historical period for the region, an important town situated at 262 m altitude and about 40 km from the Mediterranean.

It covers an area of 4392 hectares and has a population of about 1900 inhabitants. The climate is dry with mild winters and hot summers. The maximum temperatures are between 30 and 35 degrees C and it rarely drops below -4degrees C. The predominant winds are the Tramontane,or, cers, and the marin, a wind from the south which often brings the rain.

In this area, inhabited by man since prehistoric times, you will be able to enjoy rural activities, discover the historic sites, enjoy the thermal waters of the Fou or simply relax in the squares, shaded by hundred  year old plane trees.

There are many other attractions and activities to be enjoyed in the area.

St Paul is twinned with ENNIS (Eire) and CALONGE (Spain)

There is a regular bus service from St Paul. The charge is 1 euro per journey. This service is run by the Conseil General of the P.O. A timetable can be found at line 100 “Perpignan-Quillan” on the website

For all administrative procedures apply to the town hall

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