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Résidence Pierre Brossolette
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Managed by the Centre Communal d'Actions Sociales <<C.C.A.S>> the Residence Pierre Brossolete consists of 48 studios, each about 32 m square for elderly people who are mobile. Each studio consists of one room with an alcove, a fitted kitchen, bathroom & WC.

All the apartments are equipped with a tele-alarm. The rental for this is included in the rent.

The establishment also offers several communal sevices to make daily life easier – restaurant, laundry, help with household tasks, regular entertainment -  which you might like to make use of.

You can, within reason, bring your own furniture, souvenirs and personal effects.

This is not a nursing home, you are free to make use of external services (nurses, doctors and home helps) who already visit the establishment regularly.


According to your income, you can benefit from  the A.P.L 


Studio with balcony


520,76 euros T.T.C  plus electricity

Studio with balcony


547,80 euros T.T.C  plus electricity

Studio without balcony


496,74 euros T.T.C  plus electricity

Studio without balcony


520,41 euros T.T.C  plus electricity

  • Guest Room: 15 euros per night
  •  Optional Restaurant – at midday -  9,50 euros per day (choice of two starters, main dish,choice of two desserts, bread & coffee) 
  • Washing and ironing;  7,25 euros per machine 
  • A Home Help Association "ASSAD Fenouilledes" is available in the community 

So if you are still mobile and independant, if you want to avoid isolation, have aid available and profit from communal activities, do not hesitate to ask for advice from the:


                        Mairie             33 (0)4 68 59 28 47  (Service Social)

                        Residence       33 (0)4 68 59 12 33


All requests for a studio must be accompanied by a certificate from your regular doctor stating that you are mobile and independant.


Résidence Pierre Brossolette


Place Mendés France

Résidence Pierre Brossolette
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